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7 Jared Thomas OF/P  Sr.
10 Tyler Moore UTIL  Sr.
22 Dalton Miller  P  Jr.
9  Jake Cowan  C  Jr.
2  Kale Ebling  INF/P Jr.
6  Justin Behnke UT/P  Jr.
20 Jake Hutchins  INF/P Jr.
21 Tristan Dawson OF/P Jr.
4 AJ Brown OF/P  So.
16 Jeff Hunt 1B/P So.
8 Joey Azzarello C So.
3 John Barker UTIL  So.
1 Logan Maxwell OF/P  Fr.
5 Jarin Bertke UTIL/P Fr.
18 Garrett Shaw 3B Fr.
42 Caden Vermillion P Fr.

JV 2018
34 Nolan Numbers U Sr.
1 Tristan Dawson OF Jr.
8 Joey Azzarello C So.
4 John Barker 2B/P So.
25 Evan Karcher OF So.
17 Nathan Numbers OF F
9 Drake Daily P/INF Fr.
23 George Mangas INF F
19 Garrett Shaw C/INF F
12 Tony Cumella OF F
16 CadenVermillion 1B/P F

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